You might probably watch a television show or videos on the internet about travel and leisure and you might be wondering how to become one because watching the hosts and the people in it is truly envious. Watching them travel to many places, experience different cultures and taste its food is truly mesmerizing and at the back of your head, you want to become one of them.

Well, it’s not impossible I guess because there are no certain requirements or standards in order to become a travel blogger as long as you have the passion, the sense of adventure and full of wonderful ideas to share to everyone.

Creating your first travel blog is relatively easy and becoming one is very enjoyable and fulfilling.

In this article from Blog Podróżniczy, you can learn how to start a simple travel blog and learn also the benefits of being a travel blogger.


  • Pick a name for your blog- You should pick a name that is still available for a domain name but doesn’t be too obvious and common, you should pick a unique name that is very relevant to your blog content. You can make some survey among your friends and relatives about the list of travel blog names that you picked so that you can narrow it down and pick the best out of it.
  • Create a journal about your travel- One of the best ways to share with your followers you should turn your travel blog into a travel journal and document all your best experience in visiting places. In this way, you can also provide vital information about your followers who also want to visit this place. You can some sort of creating recommendations for them. This way also, you can keep your best memories from your travels and adventures.
  • Post videos and pictures- One of the best ways to create memories is through videos and memories and one way of effectively promoting your travel blog is by posting videos and pictures regularly about your latest travel and adventure. Include captions and make sure you have all information embedded in these videos and pictures for the benefit of your followers.


  • Source of income- A lot of successful travel bloggers already have a solid source of income because of the advertisements that flooded their sites and blogs and if you know the secret formula to come up with a good travel blog, you might be included on their ranks. But first, you should start low, you should vehemently promote the places that you’ve visited, the restaurants and food that you’ve tasted, you might not notice there are advertisers carefully watching your videos and might gain interest on what you’re doing.
  • Free travels and discounts- If you’re popular enough and have a huge following, a lot of airline companies offer free travels and discounts so just you can promote their advocacies and other stuff.
  • Discover places- Having a travel blog open you to a world of possibilities to visit places that a few people have discovered. If you’re passionate enough, you’ll not settle down on visiting the top tourist destinations, there is a sense of adventure in you that wants you to go to uncharted places where mystery and adventure awaits.