Categories of Drug Examinations That You Must Know!

This article intends to advise you about the four familiar categories of drug tests employed to specify adult drug usage in common. Physicians carry out various investigations in medical laboratories. Though there is a minor likelihood of negatives and false positives, these examinations are, mostly, very reliable. More details can be obtained from

For examinations, it is a huge issue for a lot of people. Because of the legalization of THC in a few jurisdictions, drug tests are a common situation. Your employer might request one of these drug tests:

  • Saliva Test
  • Urine Test
  • Hair Test and
  • Blood Test

Interesting Facts About Marijuana

Urine Test

The most prominent form you may discover is urine tests for marijuana detection. Urine tests encompass giving the lab urine specimens to investigate. Health professionals evaluate pertinent drug indicators, and color, temperature, creatinine, and pH.

In all cases, you should now give the urine at the lab. You cannot dispatch a specimen taken in the house. A urine drug test that was carried out many hours ago may not be at a reasonable temperature to test.

Blood Drug Test

The most beneficial form of substance test is the blood test, however, it is yet the most intrusive. A certified medical practitioner who realizes how to pull blood should conduct a blood drug test. Post that, they investigate the blood specimen in a laboratory.

This form of drug test is very helpful, as it may detect THC nearly three weeks post it has been wielded. The amount of duration it can detect improves with reiterated heavy use. Nicotine and alcohol use is also distinguished through blood examinations.

Interesting Facts About Marijuana


Hair Test

A hair examination is employed to infer whether a person has wielded the drug earlier. Hair tests may indicate drug usage from a few months to nearly five days before the examination. The theory behind hair tests is that substance metabolites enter the nerves in the scalp, where they are distilled and stocked as a record of someone’s drug consumption through the hair shafts.

Saliva Test

Many drugs are inspected by this drug test only when they have been employed recently. This test for methamphetamines, cocaine, and opiates will distinguish usage within the recent few days. This examination would only distinguish marijuana use within the previous hours. You would be implored to spit in a tube and obtain a mouth swab for the examination.