All You Want To Know About Anchors For Plaster Wall

Everyone likes to decorate their walls with beautiful paintings or hangings. But always the plaster wall doesn’t have the proper equipment to support these decorations. Anchors can be very helpful at these times. But with lots of anchors in the market choosing the right one also is quite confusing. The anchors for plaster wall help us to hang things on the wall like a mirror, paintings, etc. the anchor should be such that it can hold heavy things. Otherwise, the plaster wall may not be able to support the beautiful painting or mirror onto the wall.

How to use the best anchor for your wall

The idea of hanging a painting on your wall becomes quite frustrating when you find out that after getting the perfect spot for hanging you have not got the right anchor that can be used to fix the painting on the wall. Here are a few tips which will help you find the right anchor for your plastered wall.

Features that you need to look for

When buying anchors for plaster wall you can check for some small details so that you won’t regret hanging your precious and costly paintings on it.

plastic wall hanger

  • Buy an anchor which doesn’t need previous hole preparation
  • Buy anchors coated with zinc because these last longer
  • Always get anchors that can be easily removed
  • See that it has deep thread design because such anchors provide stronger engagement.
  • Always buy a kit because they contain all sorts of anchors and you can choose according to your needs.
  • Anchors are used for hanging not just decorations but it is used to hang curtains, mount your television on the wall, bookshelves can be fixed into the wall with the help of anchors. So choose the anchor according to your need and according to how much heavy object it has to support.
  • You also get plastic anchors in the market. Some are made of high-quality plastic. But these kids need a pre-drilled hole. So if you are ok with drilling then you can use plastic anchors.

Anchor designs

  • Plastic sleeve style
  • A hollow drive molly bolt system
  • Self-drilling anchor system etc.

In short

When choosing an anchoring kit you should first be sure of what you need it for. If you want to hang small light decorating things on the wall then plastic anchors will do the job for you. If you want it to hold heavier things then a hollow drive molly bolt system is needed. Self-drilling anchors can also hold heavy objects.