Try tasting all the types of wine in the word Taste

There are so many types of wine in the world to try, and so little time to taste them all! Everyone wants to know what they are talking about when they are at the nice party and it’s time to order a glass to go with the hors devours, because wine is a classy drink with a refined taste. In this blog post, I will explain a few categories of wine and how to best enjoy them.

First, let’s talk about merlot. This is the most classic of wine tastes, because it is grapey and fruity, but not necessarily sweet. A good merlot can be described as “jammy”, because it is a very rich, earthy taste. One of the best qualities of merlot is that it goes so well with almost any food–from pork, to cheese, to a nice salad, it is highly complementary to most foods and situations.

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If you’re looking for something sweet, try a white zinfandel! This is a dessert wine, due to its totally sweet taste and pretty pink color (yes pink, even though it’s called a white.) A white zinfandel is a nice way to end a meal, and it can also be enjoyed alone, like a soda pop. Another great sweet option is moscato, which a little bit earthier tasting than white zin, but it’s still way up on the sweet scale. For extra fun, try a sparkling moscato–meaning that it’s carbonated. It’ll tickle your nose and your taste buds!

Then there are the very dry wines, one of the dryest being a cabernet sauvignon. This wine is an acquired taste, lacking almost any sweetness. It’s aromatic and deep, and it pairs best with rich, hearty meals like roasts and potatoes. Be careful with this one, a sip is all you need to get the full flavor! For more ways to customize your life, shop Soft Surroundings for awesome deals on clothing, jewelry and more.

Last but not least, everyone should treat themselves to a glass of pinot grigio. This is a white wine, so it has a lighter flavor than the reds, but it is the earthiest of the whites. It pairs well with fish and pasta dishes.