These Highlights Of “Ghatana” Movie Makes You Can’t-Wait To Watch Movie Online

Cast & Crew:

Star Cast: Nitya Menon, Chris J, Naresh

Screenplay & Direction:Sripriya

Music: Aravind Shankar

Produced by: V.R. Krishna M.


‘Ghatana’ is another attempt by Sripriya, who made a name for herself as a director with ‘Drishyam.’ The Malayalam film ’22 Female Kottayam’ directed by Aashish Abu was released in 2012 and won the State Awards of Kerala Government. Rima Kalingal, who starred in it, won the Best Actress award for her role and PratapPotan and Fazil best recognition. The film was remade in 2014 by Sripriya in Tamil under the title ‘Malini 22 PalayamKotai’. Let’s see the story plot and highlights, reasons why to watch the movie online. You can stream this movie in aha videos.


The movie starredNithya Menon, Chris J. The film stars Sattar and senior Naresh in the lead roles was released on 18th November 2016. The story of the movie is, a girl named Malini (Nitya Menon) is trying to move to Canada while working as a nurse. While trying, she falls in love with a boy named Varun (Krish J) and lives together for years. As time goes on, Malini is raped by Varun’s boss Prakash (Naresh). Malini, upset by the incident, leaves the town and goes to another city. There, too, she is raped and unjustly imprisoned in a drug case. Malini, who lost her life due to such injustice, wants revenge on those who ruined her life. The film tells the story of how a single woman got her revenge.

Top reasons why to watch “Ghatana” movie online:

The top reasons to watch the film online is that, if you missed the movie in theatres, what you missed the elements in it, we tell you that. The first thing to say is about Nithya Menon’s acting. Nithya Menon has done a great job as a girl who has been unjustly raped and is helpless to do anything. It can say that her acting was hooked on those painful scenes.

Also, senior actor Naresh appeared in an unpredictable role and was thrilled. His acting in that negative role was significant. He is talented, and it is good to look in a role that is conducive to such actions. His character made a strong impression, albeit briefly. The climax stretched but also ended well.

The background score provided by Arvind Shankar is good for the technical department. Also, the dialogues are too good and meaningful. On the other hand, the gripped screenplay was an asset to the film.

Director Sripriya made every effort to drive the film. The production values ​​far better.


Finally:  All in all, this ‘Ghatana’ film is a film driven on women’s empowerment. Although the theme chosen is good, the film manages to entertain as well as inform. Especially all the lady audience must have seen this movie.

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