An invasion of ants in the home seems disturbing, but this never means that you have to exterminate it with harmful chemicals that can even harm you, your family or your pets.

In this post, we’ve come up with some extraordinary tips that can help in removing ants from your home. Surely, you could try this out.

How to get rid of domestic ants?

Removing ants from your home is never a rocket science.  Some easy household products can help you with the same. Let’s take a look at those.

Lemon juice

For greater ease pour it in a container with and sprinkle it at the ant prone zone of your house. The acid disturbs their sense of orientation.


 Whether in powder or oil, cinnamon also serves well to keep ants away from a certain area. Some people use it in combination with cloves.

Borax, sugar, and water

 You can get Borax (sodium borate)  easily in any cleaning and drug stores. It is an auxiliary product used for domestic cleaning since ancient times. In the case of pests, it is best to mix it with sugar and water, taking care that there is an easy paste to spread in the corners where the ants can be seen. When it dries, you need to make a new one.


 Diatomine is fossilized algae that are commonly used as fertilizer. It is found in stores specializing in the gardening product. It aquires proved effectiveness to remove ants and other insects such as fleas and spiders. Likewise, it is only spread through the sites where the ant’s transit.


 Crossing a line seems to be a very difficult gesture for ants, especially when it is traced with chalk.

 Boiling water and soap dishwashers

Ants don’t like this mixture at all. They try to keep away from this. Hence, its an effective ant remover.

Coffee beans

 Placing coffee beans at strategic points may help in removing ants from your home.

 Corn flour

 Apparently, the corn flour is also effective against an invasion of ants. You can spread it on the way or the passage where you see them often.


 Substitute the liquid with which you clean your floors with a solution of water and vinegar, preferably white so that the ants leave your home in a very short time.

Hope this helps! Now enjoy a homestay without the disburbing ants.