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The Rising Trend of Mobile Apps and Methods to Monetize Them

Mobile applications development is increasingly becoming one of the most lucrative sectors with over approximately 170 billion applications being downloaded every year. The market is mainly dominated by apps from technology giants like Google, Facebook and Instagram or the gaming apps. In comparison to the desktop users there has been a tremendous growth in the mobile users over the years. Hence it is important for the businesses to migrate to mobile apps for an increased return on investment. The advantages of having mobile apps are many like they are faster then the websites. Also some of the mobile apps can be accessed both online and offline. The mobile apps offer great functionality by using the device features as well. Having a mobile application might be a great decision from the business perspective but what if you could monetize your app? Yes, by implementing certain in app features one can generate good amounts of revenues as well.

There are many ways to monetize mobile apps and some of which are listed below. The first and the most simplest and lucrative option is to advertise on your apps. This is one of the most common and profitable methods to monetize your application. It works more or less like an Adsense for your app. Some of the types of in app advertisements that can be used are interstitial ads, video ads, text ads, native ads and banner ads. The revenue from these ads are generated by three models that is cost per install, cost per click and cost per mile. Charging for app installs is another method to monetize your app. This might not be an ideal scenario keeping the user in mind but it one cannot negate the fact that it does generate revenues. Charging for app installs can be driven through websites by creating a value proposition for the customers.

There are other apps where only a few functionalities are free to use but others require an upgrade from the customer side. This is another excellent method that can be used to monetise your app. Another common method is to monetize the in app purchases. These purchases can be of two types consumable and non consumable. One time use only purchases come under the former while the later includes forever lasting purchases. Lastly one can monetize the mobile apps with sponsorships as well. Depending upon your user base and popularity other brands can showcase interest in advertising on your app.

Digital Painting A Basic Guide

Digital painting is a method of creating art pieces with the help of a computer. It takes on traditional painting techniques like acrylic paints, oil, ink, etc. The software mostly used is, Adobe Illustrator, Wacom Tablet, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter. Digital art should not be mistaken for computer generated art, they are completely different.

Computer generated art involves the computer automatically creating art from methodical models by the artist, but, in digital painting, the artist uses traditional painting methods to create the image directly on the computer. Digital painting is also different from digital manipulation of photographs.

While photographic elements can be used in digital painting it is not a primary source of inspiration. Digital painting is a result of conceptualizing an idea that implements the concept as a digital file from many digital elements that an artist can acquire and create, mostly with a pen tablet, digital camera, and/or scanner and software tools. It is a process through which paintings and drawings take place in a digital setting.The availability of computer graphics software for personal use in the 1990s, these transformations in technology has helped paintings to travel from the canvas to monitor screens.

Contemporary artists are now able to have access to a wider range of tools such as customizing tools and various paint brushes that allow for precise brush strokes and artistic strokes. Digital motions can be taken through keyboard commands, tablets, mouse actions and touchscreen strokes.

While technological progress in inkjet printers allow for digital painting to be hung materially on gallery walls. Even traditional analog artists have embraced digital paintings. Painting digitally has its advantages it is less messy, you can paint and erase any mistakes efficiently without the fear of wasting resources like paper and expensive paint, all thanks to that wonderful undo button.

For good digital painting, one has to have a decent painting program, a tablet is preferred. Why tablet? A tablet is essentially your paper. It’s a flat plastic surface that comes with a pen that appears and feels like a ballpoint pen. For traditional artists still trying to get the hang of digital painting, the whole process may be daunting and tedious at first. However traditional knowledge can be in your favor and improve your work immensely. Painting methods are still the same; you will still need to know the composition, values, color, and edge control and so on, to make a good digital piece.

While it is possible for a human hand to create exact identical geometric shapes for a computer it is tedious to do anything else. Formula-based forms are easy to recognize to a point that is almost inhuman.

In most programs it is possible to undo any or all the mistakes that are made while painting digitally, this permits a spontaneity and creative approach, wherein, the artist is less cautious of his work and can think freely rather than focusing on not making a mistake he/she can focus on the concept of their artwork. This kind of freedom is rarely there in traditional paintings. When the digital artist is done the painting is stored onto the hard disk of the computer. To make it presentable and able to sell it in the market, it is then transferred to a physical carrier.


Football was rather thing late entrant into the online game arena. But, this soon made up for the lost ground and became one of the most sought things after the games in the cyber world. One can find large number of online football games. Some football gaming software application may simulate the conditions of the matches in an exact manner and also the characteristics of the players which allow the users to represent the whole team. Some of the other gaming software packages as well as the sites allow the user to play some specific instance of the football matches like taking some kind of free kicks and the penalty shootout. Once the player start playing the games in this site and in downloaded application, one can also get wetten from the software packages. Some websites will also offer the fantasy games of the virtual managers for majority of the football tournaments and the premier football leagues.

The games which stimulate the actual kind of match conditions are most popular form of online football games. In this form of games, the users should be as much as familiar with the keyboard controls of the software. There are also some specific kinds of keys which are assigned for dribbling, throwing, running, and shooting once you are able to become something fairly comfortable with the keyboard for playing the games. So you are able to log on to the internet for playing with the other kinds of users. There are some several kinds of sites which act as the platform for users to play the online football games.

Through this gaming software just plays the games in the sites as you are needed to play the games when you are feeling boredom. And the most important thing is that the player can also get the live updates of the games which are played in the leagues. So, if you are looking for the love updates even during the rush time, you can download this application in the mobile and start playing the games whenever you want to play in this.